The New Video Curriculum

Keith is now focusing exclusively on offering his video curriculum, Character Video, to schools and para school organizations. This is a powerful program that includes student, teacher, and parent targeted video lessons that can be streamed into the classroom, school wide, and even off campus.  To learn more about Keith’s videos, please go to . You may also contact Keith through the contact page on

Teacher Professional Development That Includes Video Curriculum

For some School is the Only Place to Find AcceptanceConduct teacher professional development workshops that are relevant and actionable.  Keith’s presentations are not theoretical, they are based on what works…now. Teachers will not just attend an SEL workshop where goals and strategies are laid out: they will also receive an easy to use video curriculum that helps them implement the concepts covered in the training.

Teachers and School Administrators Will Learn:

  • How to reduce and even eliminate cyberbullying.
  • How to help the students that are excluded become included by showing value. 
  • What to do when bullying and aggressive behavior does occur.
  • How fostering small social victories leads to social acceptance.
  • Why the chess club is as important as the football team.
  • How to teach a non-emotional response to the victim. 
  • How to work with the parents of the victim.
  • How to create a safe and inclusive school environment.
  • How to encourage students that may be suffering from a mental health crisis to seek help. 
  • And much more!

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Professional Development Package Includes Video Curriculum

Each school that participates will receive a one year subscription to Keith’s video curriculum, Character Video. Teachers and administrators will be able to stream short video lessons and follow-up questions at the classroom level, school wide, or even to individual student devices. Offer your teachers more than a professional development day by providing them the tools they need to take on the tough issues they face: bullying, cyberbullying, racism, suicidal ideation, drug and alcohol use, and mental health challenges.

By using a streaming curriculum, schools will be able to reach students, staff, and even parents whether they are physically on campus or off.  The ability to use Character Video as a distance learning platform is especially relevant due to the social distancing requirements put in place as a response to COVID-19.  Experts are predicting schools may have to go to distance learning in an on again/off again situation throughout the 2021/22 school year.  Character Video gives schools the ability to reach students off campus should that need occur.

Professional Development That Helps Teachers Thrive In Today’s Challenging Educational Environment

Bullying, cyberbullying, racism, depression, teen mental illness, aggressive behavior, drug and alcohol use, and teen suicide rates are all trending upward nationally. Students are struggling due to the isolation and disruption in structure COVID caused. Teachers never anticipated having to deal with such challenging issues. Keith’s continuing education workshops and video curriculum will give them the strategies and tools they need to do so. For more information on the video curriculum that is included in the virtual professional development package please go to

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SEL Professional Development That Has a Proven Long Term Impact on School Culture and Safety

 After Keith conducted his professional development workshops and we implemented his video curriculum we have experienced a decrease in cyberbullying, bullying, and harassment at our school.

-Jim Kuhn,
Principal, Powell High School
Powell, WY

Compared to the other video curriculums, your character education videos and follow-up questions are exceptional, engaging, and fun!!! We love the manner in which you use comedy in your presentations and have observed a decrease in bullying/cyberbullying at our site.

-Loretta Easterling
Assistant Director, 21st Century After School Program
Kingstree Middle Magnet School, Kingstree, SC

Your virtual teacher workshop, evening parent workshop, and curriculum received great feedback from students, parents, and the board of education and we have observed a positive impact on school culture. 

-Kimberly Jacobson,
Student Assistance Counselor
North Haledon Schools, NJ  

SOLUTIONS…That’s what our junior high campus needed and that’s what we got from Keith Deltano’s teacher workshops and anti-bullying curriculum! So many of the programs out there were out of step with our needs.  Keith’s program can be customized and he is an amazing virtual presenter!  We saw a change in behavior as soon as we showed the first video school wide. 

-Diana Russell
School Counselor
Linden, TX ISD

Keith’s teacher workshop and anti bullying curriculum were well received by the teachers, students, and administrators.  The students are treating each other with respect and are always asking when we are going to show another comedy clip.  The videos have had an amazing impact on our students.

-Dan Durglo,
District School Safety Coordinator
Ignatius Public Schools, MT

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