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Drug and Alcohol Awareness Assembly Speaker

High School Drug and Alcohol Use - The Statistics Are Staggering

  • One in six teens binge drinks, however, only one in one hundred parents believe that this may actually be happening with their teen.
  •  Teen alcohol use kills more than 4700 people per year. This incredible number does not include severe injury or permeant disability.
  • High School students who use alcohol or drugs are five times more likely to drop out of school. 
  • 10% of teens have driven after drinking and 22% have ridden in a car with a person they knew consumed alcohol.
  • Last year, there were approximately 189,000 emergency room visits by persons under the age of 21 for injuries and other conditions linked to    alcohol.


Keith’s Assembly Will Make The Consequences of Teen Drug and Alcohol Use Real

alcohol killsUsing his customary high impact, in your face delivery, Keith’s drug awareness assembly will bring home the harsh realities of drug and alcohol use.  Keith will use cutting edge serious comedy to make the above statistics real.  Keith uses audience interaction and role playing to show that drug use isn’t sexy, it’s dangerous. Studies show that many teens believe the only risk of injury from drug and alcohol use occurs and when they get in a car.  Keith shows that getting in a car driven by someone that is intoxicated or buzzed is not the only danger. He will have an audience volunteer get so “drunk” they “die” from alcohol poisoning.  He brings the impact of alcohol poisoning home.  You don’t have to die in a car wreck, you can just as easily die while your “sleeping it off” on your best friends couch. Keith also addresses the loss of cognitive function that can occur with drug and alcohol use.


Keith Will Explode the Idea That “It Can’t Happen To Me”

Using his experience as a Military Police officer, Keith will stage a traffic stop using audience volunteers.  Thidrug free assemblys will end up with the suspect handcuffed face down on the side of the road.  Keith then interviews the suspect about how he feels and what his future now holds. The students will be forced to acknowledge the incredible risks they take when experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Keith will graphically dismantle the idea that “It won’t happen to me” and make the negative consequences of drug and alcohol use real.  Perfect for prom season.


Serious Comedy Holds The Audience’s Attention and Helps Them Memorize Key Concepts

drug free assemblyKeith’s presentation is not a lecture, it is an impassioned presentation that uses comedy and role playing as an educational tool.  As an award winning middle school teacher, Keith used comedy to keep his student’s attention and to help them memorized the concepts he was teaching.  Students will laugh, and the laughter will help them learn how dangerous drug and alcohol use is to their goals and dreams.


Parent Workshop On Substance Abuse Prevention

Keith can also conduct an evening workshop for parents and guardians that gives them simple strategies they can use to help their teens make good decisions.  Parents will learn how to make the risks of substance abuse real to their teens as well as how to use their teens own goals and dreams to protect them.


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